Robin Shepherdson Home
Electrical and Electronic Design
Mechanical Design
Weighing System Design
Specialized Sensor Design
Washout Head Refurbishing
Control System Design/Repair
Expert Witness, Engineering Opinions
Depositions, Court Appearances
Website Design and Photography
AR80 washout head, front viewAR80 washout head, rear view

Washout Head Refurbishment

I dissolved the hardened concrete off three washout heads and checked the working parts for free rotation before reassembly again.

The Mini-Mount by Scale-Tron

Product Design

Show me an application and I’ll design a sensor or load cell mount for it. I designed every product that Scale-Tron uses.

Robin Shepherdson,, with camera

Photography Home. Check out my photos in my Facebook and YouTube pages, with slide shows from many world locations.

Robin Shepherdson,

Hello, I’m glad you’re here! Home describes Robin Shepherdson and his engineering career. In his retirement he still wants part time work opportunities in the electrical and weighing system engineering fields as well as specialized sensor design, website design and photography. He is also interested in expert witness opportunities. Home.

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